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eco-friendly handmade floral print masks

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Why Seja ?

We blend global mission with wanderlust fashion. 

Seja is a multi-mission, island-boho, eco-lifestyle brand inspired by paradise, travel, and advancing God's Kingdom.  We're a group of free-spirited, island-lovin' women who care about the world.

We love people. We love the Earth. And we prioritize the Message of the Gospel. 

Let's join on a journey, make a global impact, and look like paradise while doing it!


Seja means "Be". As believers, we are called to be light, be kind, be generous, be compassionate, be bold, and so much more!

Be encouraged and inspired to BE all God has called you to be, and be a part of what He is doing here on Earth!

At Seja, we know the real Paradise is Heaven.

Love People. Love the Earth. Share The Message.